2020 Season Update
Posted Jun 16, 2020

To our Angleton Little League Family,

As president of Angleton Little League, I would have never imagined a time where baseball would almost seem impossible to be played in our town. I recently took over this position last year and was looking forward to a promising spring 2020. With the small interruption we had, we still pressed forward in hopes of bringing baseball back in the summer. Through all the blood, sweat, and tears, we as a board knew that the kids needed something positive in their life. Most of you have probably read our Facebook messages, seen our emails, or talked to one of the board members over the last few days. We have worked extensively with the Angleton Parks Department, District 18 (our baseball district), and our regional office to produce the safest environment for your child to play baseball. We have relied on our board members, coaching staffs, parents, grandparents, and kids to put in place as many safeguards as humanly possible, required by state and local officials, but still find ourselves fighting a battle on the cost of it all. Some parents have charged ahead with us, some have stayed optimistic but afraid, and some have chastised us for even trying but please understand we would never have tried if we didn’t think the end result was worth every bead of sweat. I, as President, regretfully inform you that the board has decided to cancel our summer season of baseball and along with our fall season. We have many different opinions on the matter but at this point, don’t feel we can cover 100% of every situation that may arise. We are taking the rest of the year to bring on new board members for fresh ideas on how to be ready in spring of 2021.

We will be posting on our website, Facebook, and sending out emails regarding how to handle vouchers for the kids that stuck it out in hopes of playing baseball once we discuss this as a board. Please be on the lookout for these links, fill them out so that you can get the maximum amount back we can afford. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at: angletonlittleleague@gmail.com or on Facebook messengerPlease know, we as a board are just volunteers trying to find the best way to keep your kids safe, allow them to play, and be better human beings in the process.

May each and everyone of you have a great day and God Bless Angleton, Texas.

Brent Jensen

A.L.L. President



2020 Raffle Winners
Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you for your support.
A board member will be contacting you soon. We apologize for any misspellings or pronunciations of names.

All prices must be claimed by June 30, 2020.

Roger Wrangler- Art B Zarate

Kel-tec Sub 2000- David Stulberg

1 year membership to Big County- Arnulfo Saenz

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 380 EZ- Margarito "Bebe" Guzman Jr

Glock 43x Black- Argelio Ramos

Sig Sauer 365 w/night sights & thumb safety- Robin Welch

Springfield XDS- Judy Jefferies

Glock 19X- Matthew Dupuy

Sig Sauer 238 Rainbow- Tim Burch

Mag Research DE& Knife- Melissa Gonzales

Kimber Rapide Black/Gold- Eric Caso

2020 Polaris Ranger with trailer- Brent Brothers
2020 Top Sellers
Congratulations to all the top sellers. Thank you for helping support Angleton Little League.

A board member will be contacting you soon to claim your prize. All prizes must be claimed by Juan 30, 2020.

Grand Prize raffle ticket seller for the league
Caleb Foerster ($500 gift card)

Top 3 raffle ticket sellers per division:

Tball –
1. Tuff Radford ($150 gift card)
2. Lincoln Warner ($100 gift card)
3. Kade Hanes ($50 gift card)

Machine Pitch –
1. Kaiden Davenport ($150 gift card)
2. Greg Morales Jr ($100 gift card)
3. Braydon Starr ($50 gift card)

Minors / Majors –
1. Jeremy Peel ($150 gift card)
2. Landon Whitworth ($100 gift card)
3. Branson Dahse ($50 gift card)

Junior / Seniors –
1. Duane Phillips ($150 gift card)
2. Hunter Atwell ($100 gift card)
3. Cayden Dorsett ($50 gift card)
Volunteer Opportunities
Posted Dec 20, 2018

We are constantly in a position where help is wanted, needed, and accepted. If you have an interest in making the lives inside of your community better, please email: angletonlittleleague.social@gmail.com and let us find a place for you. We have many volunteer opportunities available to anyone willing to help.

Chastang CDJR's Bull Pens
We are proud to announce our new sponsor Chastang CDJR! The league has needed full renovations to tour bullpens for some time, and it was the perfect opportunity for Chastang CDJR to provide a bit of assistance. We are very excited to have the opportunity to provide our players with a safe and stable safe and stable place to warm up or just get in some extra practice on the off days.
Thank you Chastang CDJR for your support of Angleton Little League!